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Mentalbeatz Biographyy

In 2006, The Player and Chokey met in the course of their work in England. As a result of a friendship Chokey collaborated on The Player's upcoming releases.  Soon became clear, that the two musicians able to create a brand new concept. As a result, in 2009 they announced a new band called Mentalbeatz.

The members, who represented a different music style, now sound as a quiet indefinable genre. Their music mainly R&B, built around rap vocal, enriched with guitars, but often turns into club friendly Hip-Hop.


Since 2010 Mentalbeatz Records takes care of the band music releases, establised by Sandor "The Player" Vegso    



THE PLAYER - Sandor Vegso is a Hungarian rapper, producer and songwriter. In the late 90s, started appearing in the Hungarian underground hip-hop scene. As part of several bands, he travelled around the country, to get attention. As the bands never brought the well needed breakthrough, The Player moved to England in 2004, to work on his next Solo project. He went to college where learned Studio Recordings, met with outstanding musicians, later worked with bands from Portugal and UK as well. For the upcoming album The Player asked Chokey to play a guitar part on one of his song. From that point the Mentalbeatz came alive. A Neoclassical project song was released in 2015 by Vegso called Years which is turned out to be a success.

CHOKEY - Laszlo Kupecz is a Hungarian guitarist. In his early career recorded an album with a Hungarian underground rock band. He didnt find his comfort zone in the band, and finished playing in the late 90s. Moved to England where he met with The Player. Chokey often turned up in recording sessions where showed his knowledge in music. After a quick visit in a local music shop with The Player, he ended up with a new guitar. While he was playing on The Players solo album, something started to change in his rock dedicated mind. When the duo produced a first track, clearly became obvious, this is different to what he ever did. Now Chokey is part of Mentalbeatz as a guitarist, producer.  

Powered by The Player & Chokey

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